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Galaxy Trade LTD sourcing and buying powers enable us to be one step ahead of the game by obtaining daily market information and pricing in order to give our customers clear forecasting for stock requirements, ever-increasing demand means that our stock sells fast so we constantly replenish stock and sell for the most competitive prices.

We have a team of sourcing experts who work closely with our suppliers and constantly negotiate the most competitive terms, which we pass directly to our customers. We can source products for your organization quickly and easily.

Using Galaxy Trade LTD’s extensive worldwide contacts we can source products for you from all corners of the world delivering the products to any single or multiple locations worldwide. Specializing in obsolete consumer electronics, we locate hard to find products and even recently launched products which are in short supply but have a huge demand. 

Our Trusted Partners

With our logistical partners we always ensure timely deliveries, hassle free shipping and meticulously packed goods to ensure that all your goods are in the best condition possible. 

We do not charge for sourcing and therefore if we cannot find them there is no cost for you to pay. All we need to know from you is;

  • What product you require?
  • Quantity of the product required?
  • Specification of the product?
  • Target price if possible?
  • When you need the product for?
  • Give us a try and you may just be pleasantly surprised.